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Right now, we are inviting blog writers to contribute to our growing community by submitting unique content. So, if you have been looking for a way to get your unique content to thousands of online readers; this is your best chance.

Conditions and guidelines to follow:

  • The ideal length of articles we look for is 1000 words. Can you do a great job with a fewer number of words? If your answer is a “yes;” we will accept your 600-word article too.
  • When sending your file, don’t name it as “submission.docx”. Instead, make the title of it, the name of the file.
  • 3 headings per article is a must.
  • The formats of the images and files are JPG/PNG and .doc, .docs, .pdf respectively.
  • You should submit us your original work. Also, the article should not be published elsewhere before. Our editorial team takes plagiarism very seriously, and the team will pick up if there’s any.
  • Certain content types can hurt our readers (even minors do read articles on our blog.) So, we don’t post adult-nature and other content that can hurt our readers in any way.
  • Once you submit us your article, we might edit some of it to make it better, and we have the right to do so.
  • While the maximum number of allowed Outbound Link is one, we give permission for a second link if you request for a valid reason.
  • Becoming one of the writers for our blog means you too have a responsibility to maintain quality. So, don’t send unprofessional work such as spammy articles.

Becoming one of our writers is easy:

  • Firstly, you need to send us an E-mail with all your basic information such as bio, your expertise, and topics you will cover.
  • We review your E-mail, then tell you to write for us. You must send us your article as an attachment.
  • Our editorial team will go through your initial draft to confirm whether it can go live on the blog. During this process, the editorial team may ask you to do the necessary changes a few times.
  • When your article goes live on the blog, we will inform about it by an acknowledgment E-mail.

Our blog is open 24/7 for guest posting, free blog posting, and approval guest blogging. Share your writing skills by submitting your work to us. Thousands of daily readers will read your articles and comment on it. You can review your own work that way.

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