Ball Valve Comparison — PVC VS Metallic Products In The Market

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The Ball Valve is a versatile valve type that we use for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. And, a particular valve type is ideal for industrial uses means; it should be a robust product when compared to other general valves types. Yes, a Ball Valve is a muscular valve type when considering its construction. In a way, we can call it a complicated valve. But, the operation of it makes it the easiest to use today. For example, you only need to turn this valve’s lever through  90 degrees angle to open or close it. And, which is why we call Ball Valve the quarter-turn valve as well.

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Ball Valve

Anyway, we can categorize this valve type into many sub-categories.

So, even though the operation of these valves are the same, the construction and the material used make them differ from each other. And, the structure and the material made of are two principal factors that determine whether we can use the device for commercial and industrial applications or not. Metallic Ball Valve VS plastic valves.

Most of the plasticvalves are PVC products that you can use for general residential applications, and we can sometimes use those PVC valves for commercial applications as well. Anyway, when considering the features and properties of PVC; you can straightaway understand that PVC valves aren’t ideal for high-temperature and high-pressure applications. Still, PVC Ball Valve is a product that gets sold across the world in vast numbers.

Ball Valve

Metallic valves are robust products when compared to simple PVC valves.

The construction of ball valves further makes them versatile products to use for industrial applications. Anyway, don’t use PVC valves for industrial applications; those valves can’t withstand industrial parameters such as high-temperature and high-pressure. So, the top difference when comparing metallic Ball Valve VS PVC ones is the parameters that they can deal with for you. Industrial applications such as gas plants and oil rigs carry oil and gasses at high-pressure through pipelines. And, all those tubes are metallic ones to withstand high-pressure and high-temperature. Can you use PVC valves with metal tubes? The answer to this question is a big “No.” Mixing metallic valves with PVC elements can lead to a disaster in the commercial and industrial worlds.

A Metallic comes with the highest number of options. For example, PVC valves mean PVC products, and you don’t get other variations in it. But, metallic ball valves vary depending on the metal choice as well. Stainless steel, brass, copper, galvanized steel, and even bronze are the metal options that manufacturers use for metallic ball valve manufacturing. Depending on the metal option, the features of those valves vary. Every PVC Ball Valve is a single-piece product meaning you can’t separate the pieces of it for repair. Yes, even metallic valves come as single-piece products, but robust ball valves that are suitable industrial applications now come as pieces that you can dismantle for maintenance.

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Ball Valve

OK, let’s summarize the article now! A Ball Valve is a versatile valve type that you can customize and make it ideal for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. When considering the ability to withstand parameters, PVC valves are weak products. WR is a supplies ball valves at affordable rates; hence you can choose us as your long-term supplier if you are considering reselling.

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