IT Solutions: Tips to protect against Virus Attacks/Ransomware

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IT Solutions

IT Solutions: Tips to protect against Virus Attacks/Ransomware

Just a few weeks back, a major ransomware attack shook the entire world. The ransomware attack took over 75,000 computer systems across the world including the NHS, demanding millions of dollars. Well, it’s not just ransomware; various types of viruses infect thousands of computers every day. IT Solutions are there to protect you from these attackers. Anyway, prevention is better than the cure. Knowing how to protect your computer system from the attackers is the best way to prevent disasters.

The IT system of a business is an essential to get going. A large-scale business can have hundreds of computers running. What if a virus attacked the whole computer system? IT Solutions can save your system here. Contact a company who can help you to get your system running back as usual.

How viruses/ransomware spread through the systems?:

Lack of knowledge is the top reason to spreading of viruses/ransomware. The virus spreaders know how to fool people to run their malicious programs. They come up with attractive ways to make the people run their programs. Online free downloads is another common way of spreading of viruses and ransomware. I am ashamed to say – even I have got my laptop infected by downloading fake “free software. Another common way is sending viruses via emails. When people open these emails, virus programs run and infect the systems.

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The responsibilities of IT Solutions providers:

People hire your company (IT firm) to get their businesses to the next level. So, as the IT Solutions provider; you can be the individual who will save your customers computer systems from virus attacks and ransomware. How can you do it? Educate the employees of your customer’s business on how to protect the systems from malicious attacks. Also, the business owner must involve in educating the staff on being safe from virus attacks. As mentioned earlier, emails have become a common mean of spreading various viruses. Don’t open suspicious emails that say “open this and be a winner.”

As the IT Solutions provider, it’s your responsibility updating your customer’s system regularly.

The security status changes rapidly, so updating software is an essential to protect the system from latest viruses. When customers hire you as the IT Solutions provider; as the initial step – run a virus checker in their computer system. You know some viruses stay hidden in the systems watching what we are doing.

Out of all the malicious programs infecting the systems, the ransomware takes the top spot. A ransomware installs on a system itself and releases a virus, then demands a payment to remove the virus from the system. Ransomware has become a global issue now. The ransomware is a very advanced infection that can identify the location of a system. Anyway, IT Solutions providers have methods to protect your system from these malicious ransomware programs. Spending money on protection is never going to be a waste of money.

Some final words:

No matter how hard we try to protect our system, a virus can get through to it easily. I always believe that the technology of the virus spreaders is more advanced than our “good technology.” It’s like the terrorism. No matter how hard a country’s defense system works to protect the civilians, the terrorists find a way to blast a bomb. Anyway, we must fight against this injustice (including viruses.)


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